Enjoying the server?

Staff members work hard around the clock to make sure your experience is smooth and as up-to-date as possible. If you have been enjoying the server, and would like to see it stay online, please consider supporting us. The primary use of the funds generated by our store is maintenance and improvement of the server. Your support allows DormCraft to grow and evolve- and it comes with perks, too! 

Minecraft EULA Compliance & Non-pay-to-win system

In order to provide an experience which we believe is successful in bringing a community together to play the game we all know and love, DormCraft's donation store is compliant with Mojang's EULA. This means that, while we do offer rewards for our supporters, these rewards either do not affect competitive gameplay (such as cosmetics), can be obtained through normal, unpaid gameplay (such as extra /sethomes), or can offer benefit to everyone online regardless of supporter status (such as movable spawners and playerwarps). 

We at DormCraft believe firmly that the pay-to-win model does not foster an enjoyable, cooperative environment for players, and we believe it does not foster community engagement, either. For this reason, DormCraft will never offer supporter packages which adhere to a pay-to-win model. We value our users, and if you value the server, please consider supporting us.